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‘Then I look around and I see, I see you and me, are dancing.”
(Ina Becker)

Every now and then we like to give away something for absolutely free.

No strings attached!

CIN147FREE :: The Second Sense – Rumours (Acid Edit)

CIN142FREE :: Folie a deux – Saigen (No Vocal edit)

Decennium (Continuous Mix)

CINFREE004 :: V/A – CIN-10Y

ADE 2018 Sampler (Continuous Mix)

One Hundred – The Mix by Cheric

CINFREE003 :: Ben Stecker ft. Motsfeld – You Are Never Here (Flake & Simmons remix)

CINFREE002 :: Aiden ft. Hermione Green – Rain (Jelle Kuipers feestmix)

CINFREE001 :: Aiden – Lenny

Cinematique x Beatport Live

Irene Radice – Plus Plus (Ancient version)

Midnight Beats 3: The Mix – mixed by Ina Becker

V/A – Fast Forward (3 Years of Cinematique)

Midnight Beats 2: The Mix – mixed by Vasile Gorbani

Wunderk1nd – A Tribute to Cinematique

CardioWave – Dark Room (10dens dub)

Midnight Beats: The Mix – mixed by Lanny May